Power BI Export Data

If you missed it last week, Microsoft released a Service Update for Power BI , and a long awaited feature is now here.  You can now export the data that is behind a visual and this will close a huge gap for Power BI when compared to many of it’s competitors.  For myself this is beyond huge as all I have been hearing from clients for the past 5 months is, “When are exports going to be available?”. The answer is finally here and it is very simplistic to use.

For any visual all you have to do is select the menu in the top right and choose export data.


It is that easy and you will get a download the data in excel for that visual.  One note is that it does not drill down into the data.  The export will have at the same level the visualization is at.  For example in the above visual the following are the results.


However if you choose a visual with more detailed data such as a table the below would be the visual and result pair.

image   image

Or in a column chart

image image

Happy exporting everyone!

2 thoughts on “Power BI Export Data

  1. IncredibleMouse Parker January 22, 2016 / 4:33 pm

    I’m thrilled about the product and its capabilities and integration opportunities. However, until they add the ability to deploy visualizations to users within an organization that doesn’t require 3rd party PowerBI.com services, or Sharepoint, and is browser agnostic, its a deal-breaker. A PowerBI server, which is a rare beast, I understand is buggy, expensive, and time consuming. Perhaps it’ll all come together in the near future. The better idea would be a stand-alone PowerBI viewer, or integrate a PowerBI viewer into Excel. I mean, excel already has PowerPivot and PowerView, Why not throw in PowerBI visualizations?That would solve it, and would be adopted at far greater speed.

    • James Phillips January 22, 2016 / 5:25 pm

      There are actually several options for this. You can use the Power BI Tiles to import the tiles into Excel, Power Point or Word. As for the integration with out PowerBI.com you can use the API calls to embed Dashboards, Reports, Tiles or Datasets into your own application. I just finished a POC on this last week and it’s easy to setup.

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